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Comercial_carpetIf you are getting ready for the winter you may be a little late. You should have your storm shutters up, you may have your snow tires on your car, you may have your winter clothes hanging in the mud room. You should also have your carpet cleaned and coated for the dirt that comes in with snow and winter.

Professional carpet cleaners have many tools at their disposal these days. They have special cleaners, they have special carpet cleaning soaps. One of the best carpet cleaning is to pre plan and pre-treat your carpets with scotchgard or a similar formula. This way the dirt never gets a chance to sink into your carpet. The wetness will still be there but you can vacuum it up before is stains the carpet. So the first thing you do is plan ahead and treat your carpet before the big storm and dirts hits.

You should find a good local Carpet Cleaner and have their number on speed dial in your phone. Dont settle for one of those steam cleaner set ups. They just clean it temporarily, the spots come back very quickly. You need a professional that will clean your carpet without hurting it. Then they will seal it with their custom guard protectant. Make sure when they are done cleaning you set the appointment right then to have them come back out and finish the job. Protection is always the most important part of a quality carpet cleaning job.

So the holidays are here and the house is decorated for the next month or so. It’s a good time to be happy you were ready for the winter and all the new challenges it brings along with the joy of another year with friends and family.

And if you prepared ahead of time your carpet you should look beautiful through the season and be ready to get trampled by all the kids getting out of school soon. Now they can be home all day and ruin your nice clean house, because that is what kids do, the little joys.

Have a nice holiday

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